Order Your Custom Wisdom Quilt Today!
Wrap Your Loved One In A One of A Kind Keepsake That Will Blanket Them In Warmth For Years To Come.

Your Wisdom Quilt is a unique work of art. It is a collage quilt made from an artist’s imagination and the interpretation of the story told by the t-shirts and optional items you provide to reflect the person’s or family’s life journey.  It will be the result of hands that become intimate with the voice that emerges from your collection of t-shirts.  This intimacy guides the artist in their design and final inspiration.

Each Wisdom Collage Quilt we make is hand-made with passion and care to celebrate the uniqueness of the person or family it represents. Wisdom Quilts are a special and beautiful way to capture a person’s or family’s life journey over time. This is the perfect gift for graduations, birthdays, transitions, holidays, memorials, clubs, baby heirloom, illness recovery, friendships, and many more occasions.

Diego's Quilt Alex's Quilt

Click on a sample Wisdom Quilt for more details and visit our Facebook page for more examples.

All quilts are uniquely designed and handmade by Wisdom Quilts’ expert artists located in Portland, Oregon. Your t-shirts are combined with 100% cotton high quality fabrics to create a one-of-a-kind quilted memory.

Your custom designed, hand-crafted Wisdom Quilt will include the following elements in its final design:

  • Graphics and printed material from t-shirt’s front/back
  • Special neck tags, collars, pockets and unique seems used for accent pieces as selected by the artist
  • All blocks are reinforced and batting is low loft to keep the quilt from getting too heavy
  • An all-over quilting design for sturdiness and stabilization
  • Up to four first names or single words of your choice may be incorporated into the overall quilted stitch work on the quilt top
  • Flannel or cotton backing on the quilt in your choice of color
  • Cotton sashing and binding in your choice of color
  • A Wisdom Quilt dedication label with your personal message (approximately 20 words)

Custom Wisdom Quilt Size Options:

  • Quilt
  • Montage
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Quilt
    Dimensions ¹
  • 51" X 64"
  • 66" X 85"
  • Quilt
    Price ²
  • $1,500
  • $2,500
  • Approx Number of
    T-shirts Needed ³
  • 18 - 25
  • 25 - 30





¹ Quilt’s final size can have a plus or minus 10% variation in each dimension.
² Larger size options and other special features are available for an additional cost. Special features may include incorporating art, photos or other items on the quilt, such as shirts, ties, or other accent pieces.
³ Because the t-shirts and the printed material on them may vary in size, we don’t know up front how many we can fit on the size of the selected quilt model. Our best attempt to fit all you send within the size you have chosen will be made.

How to order: To order your Wisdom Quilt please do the following:

  • Send us an email to info@wisdomquilts.com, including your name, email address, phone number, QUILT MODEL, and the number of t-shirts you will provide for your custom quilt.
  • A Wisdom Quilts’ artist will contact you directly to discuss your dreams and ideas for the Legacy Quilt, select colors for borders and backing fabrics, special requests, and explain the ordering and fulfillment process.
  • Within 2 business days from the date of the initial phone call you will be provided, via email, with a purchase order including the price and target completion date.
  • You MUST sign the purchase order and return back to us with full payment and t-shirts.

Condition of T-shirts and Shipping requirements:

  • Do not cut the t-shirts; send them in their original form and shape.
  • Your t-shirts must be laundered. We will use them exactly as we receive them.
  • Send only t-shirts that meet your quality expectation. All shirt flaws will be noticeable on the quilt. However, this may add character to the quilt and help create your special story.
  • Any whole t-shirts not used will be returned to you, but remnants of t-shirts used in the quilt will be discarded.
  • Mail your t-shirts with the SIGNED purchase order and include a personal check for the full payment due to:

Wisdom Quilts
4804 NW Bethany Blvd
Suite i2, 234
Portland, OR. 97229

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