Coming of Age Inspirational Guide

Our Voices - Celebrations for Becoming a Woman

by Mary Jo Saavedra
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5 generations

There are moments in my life when I sense a strong spiritual presence, all around me, stronger than usual. Often, like most people, I sense the presence of the Holy Spirit in times of need, sorrow, or great joy. But other times what I sense is a quiet circle of warmth, a circle of those women who have come before me, gently pushing me, asking me to remember them and their stories. To remember what it was that they experienced and endured, and understand how that has affected and shaped my own life. It is now my turn to experience and celebrate my life with its fullest offerings and pass on this wisdom to a new young woman in our lineage, my daughter.

I will continue this journey with my own daughter by welcoming her into this circle of mentors and providing her with an environment to discover all that she is and the possibilities of all she can become. She will find new wisdom in her own life's adventures and throughout this journey her wisdom quilt will comfort her and remind her of the voices of those who came before her.

What is a Wisdom Quilt? As you will see and read in the following stories, it is whatever you choose to make it. By quilting cloth in special patterns or incorporating symbols in the color or graphics of your quilt, a special message will emerge from your own unique voice. Then the Wisdom Quilt can do what it was designed for: to comfort, inspire, and remind a young girl (or boy) of who she is and from where she has come, as she is Coming of Age.

My motivation for compiling these ceremonies is to inspire other people to share their unique voices with their children through quilting and celebration, and provide some ideas on the process. Currently in the United States, some of our children seem truly lost and full of pain. As adults, we want to give them everything and often overlook the simple celebrations that make all of our lives richer and more rewarding. To validate one's soul and being is the greatest gift we can give our children.

I encourage you, the reader to think of how you can welcome a young girl or boy into the circle of adulthood. It is without doubt that our young people need a clearer picture of who they are and where they come from in order to move forward in their lives with confidence. A Coming of Age celebration is a natural opportunity to provide this. Celebrate what is important in your family and create new rituals to mark the growth and the uniqueness of each individual that makes up the most important part of your life. Creating a Wisdom Quilt is just one way to celebrate a young person in your life.

In our Coming of Age Inspirational Guide you will find twelve culturally unique celebrations with beautiful quilt photos to spark your imagination. Twelve exceptional women artists from the Portland area created these Coming of Age celebrations. Down load this guide today and begin designing memories for your family and friends.

Downloadable book: FREE!
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