About Wisdom Quilts:

A community dedicated to the purposeful empowerment of families and the creative art of memory making. I created Wisdom Quilts in 2000 after the Columbine shootings with the idea to support and enrich our children with purpose, strengthen our families through rituals, and create an attitude of responsibility for one another in our communities. Peace begins at home, through examples in the small details of the thoughtful circle of family. Through Wisdom Quilts tools, I strive to inspire each person to live your family life around the table, artistically, and to find the details that enrich the fabric of your family.

I encourage you the reader, to think of how you can welcome a child into your circle of love and community. It is without doubt that our young people need a clearer picture of who they are and where they come from in order to move forward in their lives with confidence. Celebrate what is important in your family and create new rituals to mark the growth and the uniqueness of each individual that makes up the most important part of your life. Making the family meal the center of your home is a great place to begin. Take the time, make the memory, and recognize the treasures you have.

Come gather around the table ~

Mary Jo Saavedra
Chief Inspirational Officer

"Where your treasure is, there also is your heart." - Teresa of Avila

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